Building blocks stimulating development

Wooden marble tracks and puzzle have many advantages in stimulating and accelerating a child's development...

Hong Kong Economic Time, 2013 (Chinese)


Swiss creative games

Swiss toymaker Matthias Etter has reworked two classic playthings (marbles and building blocks) into a creative game that even keeps adults entertaind.

Monocle, 2011


A marble rolls round the world

Quietly and without any fuss, a wooden toy has rolled its way around the world. Matthias Etter from Hasliberg invented the creative Cuboro marble run 30 years ago...

Das Magazin - Berner Oberland, 2009 (German)


Games that make you laugh!

cuboro is what people in the trade call a "Grandparents' Toy." What they usually mean...

Major Fun, 2003