A Heirloom Toy

cuboro is a heirloom toy that can be passed down for generations as it is timeless and durable. It also grows with the child – from 4 years olds all the way up to adults, from simple tracks to complex track systems using the same set.

Not only cuboro grows according to the child’s standard, parents and grand parents also feel elated at this multi-generational toy. 

It is rewarding to watch and listen to the marble zip through the blocks. Every kid (and adult) loves the satisfying feeling when the marbles complete their creation successfully.


Great for both Solo and Collaborative Play 

A child (or adult for that matter) can have fun playing with the blocks on their own. 

Children with difficulties integrating into groups can be motivated to construct larger track systems together with others players.

They can also have fun collaborating with other children, their parents, and even their grandparents. It is a great way to develop teamwork and social skills.


From Special Education to Gifted Programs 

The inventor, Matthias Etter, envisioned cuboro when he was working with children with special needs (some with motor skill disabilities, some with injuries, some with autism).

Having seen the power of simple marble runs to extend the concentration and develop some critical skills and awareness, he created one of the finest, most open-ended wooden marble construction toy available.