Swiss Quality, Durability, Sustainability

The cubes are manufactured with only chemically untreated beech wood from local trees harvested from the region of Oberaargau/Emmental. The beech wood are certified by the FSC (Forrest Stewardship Council).

The untreated cubes are produced in a modern Swiss family joinery under the outmost eco-friendly manufacturing methods.


For over 20 year the processing has been in the hands of a highly specialised joinery, a family business, in Gondiswil, Switzerland.

The craftsmen transform quality wood into works of art. The blocks are precisely cut and sanded smooth. Taking the time to properly dry the wood results in cubes consistent in size and high in quality.



The cubes are manufactured with only chemically untreated beech wood. The high-quality processing of the untreated cubes guarantees durable playing pleasure with non-toxic wood.


cuboro is exclusively manufactured with Swiss beech wood from the Emmental/Oberaargau region. Since 2006, our quality toys are solely manufactured with FSC accredited beech wood, meaning wood coming from exemplary cultivated forests.

The beech wood that the cuboro cubes are made from is harvested by the family in an ecologically sound manner.

The excess wood left by the manufacturing process is not discarded; rather it is burned in the kilns that methodically dry the blocks to ensure that they maintain their precise shape and character.