Seemingly endless possible tracks and limitless challenges

Small children from 5 years of age and up build simple tracks which run on the surface of the cubes. More complex track systems emerge through practice and conscious planning.

With increasing spatial ability the inner functions of the elements are discovered. The tracks become more and more interesting due to the combination of outer and inner functions.


Get building & rolling with the starter sets  

The starter sets contain the central elements. 

In the cuboro Standard set (54 blocks), 23 of the blocks are solid wooden blocks that serve as the foundation for the constructions. The remaining 31 provide an assortment of 12 different functions. Each of the functional blocks provides part of a marble path - channels, tunnels, cross, drops and curves etc. 

More possibilities and challenging constructions can be achieved by expanding the collection with the supplementary sets and the sixpacks.

Designed for both flexibility and complexity

cuboro can be an open-ended, creative, scientific exploration without any need to build specific structures. It can also be played in a closed-ended puzzle-solving approach.

Contrary to most marble run toys having inclined tracks with marbles roll to a lower place naturally, cuboro is different - there are no inclination on the tracks. Marbles will loose momentum and stop on the track surface if they were made too long. The players have to think and plan carefully to keep marbles run until the end.

Playing with cuboro is a continuous process of building, testing and adjusting.