Real Toys, Real Benefits

Cuboro presents a stimulating learning system which offers to both children and adults great challenges in the fields of spatial imagination and systematic thinking process. 

The player can improve cognitive abilities such as three dimensional  and combinatorial thinking and operational planning while at the same time improving concentration and memory.

This “toy”, originally designed  for children, has proved a “mind-challenger” which not only entertains but leaves a lasting effect in players of all ages.


Intellectual Development

Develops a child's mental abilities and intellectual processes, as well as extend their innate curiosity and intrinsic mental aptitude.

cuboro and cugolino marble track systems are designed to encourage cognitive development include: problem solving, science, matching and sorting activities, and fun experiments


Creative Development

Develops the abilities of child to express their creativity.

cuboro provides an open-ended play opportunities encourage your child’s creative development and allow for their own natural imaginations to run wild!

Motor Skill Development

Assists a child's ‘head to toe’ development and includes both fine and gross motor skills.

Tasks such as stacking and playing with marbles all encourage the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination skills. The development of these skills allows for greater hand strength and dexterity, as well as better coordination of hand movement.

Constructing cuboro or cugolino marble tracks encourages a child to move around and will enhance gross physical development.

Social and Emotional Development

Encourages a child to regulate their own emotions, develop resilience and confidence, build friendships and resolve social conflicts. Through team play and general play activities your child will be given the opportunity to learn to identify, control and express a wide range of positive and negative feelings.

cuboro & cugolino in a team play setting encourages social and development areas of children.

Communication Skills

Develop a child's ability to communicate, either directly or via non-verbal methods, such as facial expressions and body language.

Team play with cuboro offers a child various opportunities to extend their language skills and non-verbal language skills, such skills are acquired through telling, explaining, listening and "negotiating".

Approaches Toward Learning

Enables a child to be successful in school in many ways.

By understanding the various styles that involve children in learning and playing with cuboro, adults can encourage and increase a child's engagement. Curiosity, creativity, independence, cooperation, and persistence are some of the approaches that cuboro offers to enhance early learning and development.