cugolino Hit


cugolino Hit


The Catapult.

cugolino Hit has a hammer to catapult the marble to a maximum level of four cubes.

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The Catapult.
cugolino Hit truly hits! It has a hammer that can catapult the marble to a maximum level of four cubes. 

It has 16 additional elements and is 100 % compatible with cuboro and therefore the ideal and exciting entry into the fascinating world of cuboro.


Enthusiastic cugolino (and cuboro) players are challenged by additional 16 elements with 12 different functions. 

The new supplementary set cugolino Hit is a game with weight, energy, gravity and acceleration for exciting bridges.

It a great supplementary set to make the cugolino start set and the cuboro starter sets even more fun and challenging.

  • 16-elements supplementary set
  • 12 additional functions for the construction of advanced track systems
  • All elements are 100% compatible with other cuboro and cugolino elements


  • 16 cugolino-elements, basic measurement 5 cm, made of natural beech wood, partly coloured
  • 12 different functions
  • original cuboro marbles
    (Ø 17 mm, mixed colours, high-quality Japanese glass marbles)

Age & Skill Level

  • 6+
  • All levels (Beginners, Skilled)

Development Areas

  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • Cognition: Cause and Effect / Spatial Orientation
  • Creative and Imaginative play
  • Experimentation / Logical & Critical thinking / Concentration/ Problem Solving

Country of Origin

  • Switzerland
    Exclusively manufactured with FSC accredited Swiss beech wood, meaning wood coming from exemplary cultivated forests (from the Emmental/Oberaargau region)

Safety & Quarantine

  • cugolino meets the safety specifications set forth by Conformité Européenne (European Conformity)
  • We import genuine brand-new cuboro products directly from cuboro's head office in Switzerland.
  • Our high quality toys met Australian import conditions for wooden products
  • We have passed Australian government's stringent quarantine inspections enforced by Department of Agriculture (formerly known as AQIS).


  • Choking Hazard - Toy contains marbles and small parts.
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Boxed Product Dimensions    

  • 30.5 x 15.2 x 25.4 cm

Boxed Product Weight    

  • 1 kg

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